Donde Descargar Protectores de Pantalla para BlackBerry

¿Donde descargar protectores de pantalla para BlackBerry?


A continuación una pequeña lista de los protectores de pantallas gratuitos para dispositivos BlackBerry.


* Homescreen Clock-Desktop  | BlackBerry OS 5.0+

Animated Screensavers (App World) BlackBerry OS 5.0+

3D Screensaver (App World) BlackBerry OS 4.7+

Aquarium Screensaver Korean Edition (App World) BlackBerry OS 4.7+

Wallpaper Shuffler and Screensavers (App World) BlackBerry OS 5.0+

Green Battery Charging ScreenSaver Lite (App World) BlackBerry OS 5.0+

Beer Battery Widget (App World) BlackBerry OS 5.0+

Snow Globe (no es protector de pantalle en si)| BlackBerry Q5, Q10, Z10 y PlayBook.

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